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Start-up Package - Pons Origin: Your EU Market Entry Partner
Company Set-Up and Start-Up Services
  • Start Company
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Partner Search
  • Incentive
  • Guidance
Successful in the U.S.? Looking for growth in the EU?
Then Pons Origin is your address!
Start your Company

A company start-up and building up a new business network in an unfamiliar territory is not an easy undertaking but it can be a relatively cost effective way to increase a company’s footprint, if you take the right advice. It’s true to say that many foreign companies come unstuck in their expansion plans for the European Union simply by failing to recognize the many regional variations on factors such as property and building regulations, infrastructure, logistics, cost of labor, energy prices, labor market or environmental regulations, not to mention the linguistic challenges that may also apply.
All too often, bureaucratic barriers hinder the growth of medium-sized businesses for a whole variety of reasons. Typically, companies with limited experience in the European market need professional assistance to ensure that their EU expansion is smooth and problem free. Unfortunately, we speak to many companies who have lost both time and money by making wrong assumptions and believing that they didn’t need professional help. In our opinion, that really is a false economy as remedial action is typically more expensive than getting things right the first time. By joining the PONS Atlantic Partners network, you can benefit from our years of experience in project management and financing. You will also gain privileged access to our local network of suppliers and service providers, fast-tracking your entry into the EU market place. Our specialists in Berlin are very familiar with U.S. as well as EU law, ensuring that your EU branch is built on a solid foundation. Naturally, we can provide the support services needed for you to secure your business license, local bank account and tax number, in addition to other administrative requirements.
Building a strong team for your EU start-up conforming to your requirements and corporate identity is a top priority for us. Our extensive experience in recruitment and employment law will facilitate sound decision-making and protects all network participants by keeping them fully informed of important developments, as they occur.

  • Human resource management according to EU regulations and law
  • Consultation for establishing your EU company
  • Handling and administration of all necessary documentation
Market Analysis

Companies and investors need detailed information about the potential new markets and regions being considered in order to make fully informed decisions. At PONS, we use our deep knowledge of the market and the opportunities it holds to provide you with a full report. We enable you to have a professional and efficient market entry laying the foundation for your future success. Long before you arrive, PONS can help to identify possible suppliers or customers, checking credit ratings with local credit agencies where necessary, providing you with an in-depth risk analysis report which can be tailored to your specific needs.

  • Detailed market analysis
  • Credit rating and deep risk research
  • Efficient market entry
Business Partner Search

Sometimes it helps to have a local partner involved; PONS can assist you in locating and communicating with the perfect local business partner. We will provide a full report on qualified potential overseas representatives who show clear signs of having traction in their market and who demonstrate all the hallmarks of a successful business. We work in close collaboration with longstanding legal partners and use our years of experience to provide a service that would be almost impossible to achieve from abroad.

  • Use of existing network
  • Efficient search for potential business partners
Financial Incentives

Germany has a comprehensive range of financial incentive programs to support many different business types. Each financial support program targets specific industrial sectors and forms of investment. The programs cover the whole range of activities, from initial start-up investment to operational costs and even grants and other incentives for research and development expenses. Projects may be eligible for support depending upon the planned investment amount, the location of investment and the size of the company making the investment. Both, the German federal government and German states, offer financial incentive programs, some programs offering combined assistance. International investors are subject to the same eligibility criteria as national investors. PONS will guide you through the often confusing bureaucracy of financial incentives and help you select the right program for your specific needs. This in turn will help you to clearly identify the optimum location for your new expansion.

  • Financial incentive consulting
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