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Representation Package - Pons Origin: Your Partner for EU Market Entry
  • Representative Office
  • Marketing Support
  • Order Processing
  • Trade Show Attendance
Representative Office

PONS can act as your local representation and provide a representative office address and phone number at a top location in Berlin for those companies wanting complete flexibility. Our professional team will manage your calls and handle your mails, providing the perfect solution for companies that want the freedom to do business in Europe without having the cost and responsibility of running their own location. Companies already hunting for the perfect premises can begin to gauge the market using this service so as not to waste valuable time. We can provide a first level of support, taking care of all communication needs with suppliers and customers in English, Spanish and German. If required, we can also provide locations for business meetings or conferences. Our accounting service performs the entire bookkeeping management for you including financial accounting, reporting and administration of incoming and outgoing payments. Our monthly reports put you in the driving seat with fully transparent management reporting in all key areas of your European business. With PONS as a strategic partner for your new venture, we can prepare the necessary tax returns and coordinate third parties such as banks, tax advisors and auditors which can otherwise be problematic if German is not your native language. Monthly and annual financial statements can also be prepared in accordance with local norms by our trusted partners. In order to conduct business in Europe you need a European bank account. For foreign companies it maybe difficult to choose the bank with the best conditions and to bring together all the required information to open a bank account. We assist you through this process and communicate directly with relevant banks.

  • Communication with customers and suppliers
  • Monthly and annual financial reports
  • Professional Bookkeeping
Marketing Support

Marketing is a key driver for the success for your European business. Through our broad EU network, we can help with market development, defining which
are the best target markets and trade channels for your products. At PONS we can implement marketing strategies on your behalf or prepare a comprehensive market study, offering you an insightful overview of the market. We can supervise the distribution of your product in the European market in a purposeful, uncomplicated and strategical manner. By using existing distribution networks and applying individual marketing policies, we can steadily increase your sales volume. PONS works closely with both clients and distributors to ensure long-term market success. Furthermore, we focus on solid market expansion through various control mechanisms such as result and sales controls, as well as planning, reporting and supervision of correctional measures on site. In addition, we will support your marketing by designing a homepage and product flyers matching your corporate identity in the necessary languages and with a high degree of cultural sensitivity.

  • Definition of marketing strategies
  • Ensuring long-term market presence
  • Design a new website and product flyer
Order Processing

We can handle all communications with suppliers and customers, including but not limited to incoming calls, mail and e-mails in English, German or Spanish, as required. Our team provides a service line for suppliers and customers to handle customer enquiries, providing you with comprehensive feedback to allow for more informed decision making in the future.

  • Dedicated local infrastructure and active customer support
  • Professional handling of quotes and customer inquiries
  • Order receipt, entry, processing and execution
Trade Shows

The attendance of appropriate trade shows can be an important strategy for a company’s international market entry. Attending trade shows can quickly allow participants to gain an informed overview of a region’s economic potential. Trade missions are an excellent way to quickly identify and connect with business partners, suppliers and investors alike. PONS will screen all European events, making recommendations for suitable fairs to attend. Additionally, we can obtain information on the trade show presence of your main competitors. If requested, we can attend these shows for you as representatives of your company. Working in close conjunction with your sales and marketing departments, we can ensure that your needs are met exactly, collecting valuable data and developing mailing lists. Furthermore, we design and manage all your printed documents and other exhibition materials, as needed.

  • Trade shows monitoring
  • Organization of materials and booths
  • Representation of your company
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