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Logistics and Fulfillment Package - Pons Origin: Your Partner for EU Market Entry
Logistics and Fulfillment
  • Warehousing
  • Picking and Packing
  • Invoice Handling
  • Online Tool
  • Costumer Service

Our logistics and fulfillment package comprises all essential processes supported by a web-based IT-system that allows for real-time monitoring. Our warehousing-service includes the reception of goods from your suppliers with visual inspection and quantity control. We provide product-specific storage facilities. We care for all logistic and fulfillment processes such as picking, packing, shipping and handling of urgent shipments, warehouse management, inventory control, disposition and reordering of goods. Our flexible web-based IT-System enables us to manage assets and all needed processes in real-time all over the world. A broad business network and the specific knowledge of customs procedure allow us to receive, store and ship goods with attractive tax benefits for you, comparable to the Foreign Trade Zones in the U.S.

  • Goods receipt with visual inspection and quantity checks
  • Appropriate storage and preservation
  • Foreign Trade Zone: tax benefits
Picking and Packing

To be successful in distribution and logistics, goods from your customers must be delivered to the right place in a timely manner, attractively presented and carefully shipped. To that end, PONS offers to cover the entire fulfillment process. Our web-based IT-system offers interfaces to your online shop for incoming orders and delivery status. Thanks to our web-based architecture you can easily monitor the entire process in real-time.

  • Picking, packing and shiping to your EU subsidiary, to end-customers and distributors (B2C, B2B)
  • Coordination of incoming and outgoing goods
Invoice Handling

PONS guarantees rapid implementation and effective control of all financial processes, comprising accounts receivable accounting, accounts payable accounting, expense accounting, budget comparison and cost control. Additionally, our tasks include creating customs documents and support in customs processing, examination of freight documents, inspection of forwarding invoices and shipment tracking, always keeping the optimization of costs in focus.

  • Invoice handling
  • Support of customs processing
  • Preparation of turnover tax declaration
Online Tool

To ensure smooth communications and complete transparency, we can provide access to a bespoke online platform. This white label service can be branded with your own corporate identity, allowing orders to be transferred directly to your business partners to ensure a quick reaction and timely replenishment.

Customer Service

Staying in touch in time with the clients is essential for success in business. PONS handles upcoming customer inquiries professionally and take care of all necessary administrative aspects. In our judgement, customer experience is key for long-standing customer restraints. Satisfied costumers are the ones with the highest retention.

We help you to achieve highest customer satisfaction!

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